Три године касније…


Здравља Светлим Мислима Нашим!!!

Данас је тачно три године од када сам почео да пишем блог у намери да се окупимо и Заједно створимо бар једно Насеље на нашим просторима у којем ћемо живети свако на свом Пространству Љубави, на свом Хектару Земље…

Има нас овде, има… Довољно за Заједничко Стварање. Па, шта чекамо, онда?

Tri godine kasnije…


Zdravlja Svetlim Mislima Našim!!!

Danas je tačno tri godine od kada sam počeo da pišem blog u nameri da se okupimo i Zajedno stvorimo bar jedno Naselje na našim prostorima u kojem ćemo živeti svako na svom Prostranstvu Ljubavi, na svom Hektaru Zemlje…

Ima nas ovde, ima… Dovoljno za Zajedničko Stvaranje. Pa, šta čekamo, onda?



  1. Hello Danilo
    I hope you are the same man who is shown in this YouTube video: Kosmos intervju Danilo Ilić. My name is Liz Welch, I am English and I have lived in Italy for 10 years. A group of us have been making a community in the mountains here, and now some of us feel a need to move on to a new place. I am very interested in the possibility of setting up, or perhaps joining an Anastasia village in Bosnia. I am coming to Bosnia with 2 other people in March, first to see the pyramids in Visoko (my second time there), and then to look for some good land to buy for living in nature. We already live in a mountain forest in Italy, and my partner and I live in a geodesic dome and a yurt. We are very inspired by Anastasia and I have also (like you) read the books many times! I hope you would like to be in contact with and maybe see if it is possible to meet sometime. perhaps we can be of help to each other.

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